About Us

Woodmark Limited is a business that has been formed to specialize and strongly focus on interiors and fittings business. It is located in Industrial area. The business is targeting to effectively penetrate the market by focusing on Nairobi and its surrounding environs by offering competitive prices, innovative solutions and promising delivery of quality services as regards interiors and fittings.

The business directors are actively engaged in the running of the firm. The directors bring a wealth of experience, business and project management skills to the business. The directors are assisted by a group of a qualified team comprising of sales and marketing, accounts and technical staff.


Our Mission

Mission “To continually satisfy clients in our chosen market segment with affordable quality products and services by constant creativity and innovation”


Our Vision

“To be the leading interiors and fittings company in the country.”


Our Core Values

1. We are fully and whole-heartedly focused on the customer
2. We are dedicated to provision of quality interiors and fittings products.
3. We are devoted to nurturing, maintaining and motivating a committed productive workforce.
4. We are committed to the highest levels of integrity
5. We adhere to the laws of the land.